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Wake up to a sweet morning at Vald Hotel. Besides the sweet breakfast, you can also opt for a savoury or energizing breakfast, if you prefer. Here at Vald Hotel everyone wakes up as they desire. We pay the utmost attention to the most important moment of the day, so we put at our guests’ disposal a bright and comfortable breakfast room, far from the noise of the hall. In the breakfast room our guests are rocked by a nice and quiet lounge music, ideal to accompany the first moments of the day, and their senses are awakened by the fragrance of the delicacies prepared and served by Ilenia. Biscuits, muffins, cakes and much more, but with a common denominator: each product is handmade, using healthy and gourmet ingredients, and baked directly in our kitchen. All you have to do is sit down, breathe, lose yourself in the fragrances, choose and … greet the new day with something tasteful!

The restaurant Sale&Pepe is happy to welcome children who want to dine and have fun and parents who want to relax. For this reason, on Saturday evenings the restaurant offers animation and entertainment for children.


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